Small Economies and Large Economies.

There was some exciting news among my mail today; I received my ABN – Australian Business Number! That means that I can proceed with the business, and order my supplies wholesale.

After a lot of thought,I have decided to use my husband’s philosophy (Go for Quality) and order a top-of-the-range die-cutter.

I had a funny series of thoughts about my die-cutter.
Could a small economy, such as a village, be saved by a die-cutter? How far could we turn around an ailing micro-economy?

Picture this: a stranger comes to town, armed only with her trusty die-cutter. She sets up shop, displaying her wares, which consist mostly of locally made arts and crafts. Her price-tags, stationery and take-home bags are made with the die-cutter, as well as some of her own crafts.

She approaches the local school. Would some of the teachers like to use the die-cutter? Yes, they leap at the chance; it’s just what they need to cut their workload as they prepare Christmas crafts for the children. They purchase materials from the shop, and use the die-cutter for free. The business-woman makes customers and friends.

She approaches the small retailer next door. Could making his own labels cut some of his costs? Yes, he replies, plus he doesn’t have to wait for the printer in the city to get to his small order. He purchases materials and hires the die-cutter at a small fee.

She approaches another retailer. Would that lady like to make her own gift-bags, complete with her store’s logo? Yes, she would love to, and she could also use them at her market-stall.

And so it goes on – the Church fair committee, the party-planner, the busy mum all use the die-cutter and cut their labour and their costs, and boost their local economy.

And, the part I like best – no cheap imports from China were involved in the making of this fairy-tale.

Back to reality:

I found a remarkable pro=life group on Life Site News, today. (I hope you will visit )
They are called “Women’s Rights Without Frontiers” and their goal is to draw attention to the many abuses of women around the world, especially forced abortion and China’s One Child Policy. I like this group because they appeal to all women, even feminists, who can clearly see how damaging forced abortions are to all involved, and because many abortions in third world countries are performed solely because the unborn baby is a girl. I urge you to visit their site – you can even donate money to save a pregnant mother from having an abortion. Other charities allow you to sponsor a child, which is great, but this one allows us to prevent an abortion and sponsor a child in utero.

By the way, here’s something ironic that I found when looking for images for today’s post:

As you can see, Chinese parents were choosing to have smaller families, even before the One Child Policy was introduced. It makes you wonder why there was any economic reason to bring in such a barbaric law. Perhaps it is just another example of ‘absolute power’ corrupting ‘absolutely.’