Who Regrets a Baby?


Why is it that around the world,
thousands of men and women are speaking out, forming support groups,
and holding placards that say “I regret my abortion”,
but I am yet to see even one woman picketing a maternity hospital
with a sign that says
“I regret my children”?

Christmas – The Feast Day for Atheists

John Paul II wrote that ‘Christmas is the feast day of man.’

Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins

There is a young atheist who is following my blog; I’ve been to his blog a few times, and read some interesting comments by him and his readers about why they don’t believe in god/s. The contributors are very intelligent, and the blogger is very encouraging to his peers, as they articulate their beliefs.

Well, they have all been wishing each other ‘Merry Christmas’, which at first, seemed out of place. Christmas is obviously the Christian feast par excellence. Its message is so accessible to people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds, including, it would seem, to atheists.

I was tempted to suggest that it was time for the atheists to make a stand and boycott Christmas. They could ‘fast’ from celebrating the day with their families, and ‘abstain’ from buying and receiving presents. I was going to suggest that they make a sacrifice in the name of their beliefs, as Christians have to do in some way, every day of their lives. For the atheist, Christmas could become a joyful day of rejecting Christianity.

But, reading John Paul put an end to that.

One of the billions of human beings who have been born and will be born on earth…
And at the same time, one, unique and irrepeatable.
If we celebrate the birth of Jesus so solemnly, we do it so as to testify that every human is someone, unique and irrepeatable…

Through Him and through His eyes, man is always unique and irrepeatable; someone eternally thought and eternally preselected; someone called and denominated with his own name…

This is for you, Larry – I am glad you enjoy Christmas. I hope you appreciate it and celebrate it every year, if not every day. And I hope that one day you know that the happiness you feel comes from the God you don’t believe in.

Another business update

319616It’s only a few days until I open my online business, and I’m a little apprehensive.

If anyone had told me how much work would be involved, I don’t think I would have ever begun.

There is so much to think about, and I have had so many technical difficulties, mostly due to my lack of skill in that department. I am easily overwhelmed by computers and internet that don’t work the way I need them to – you would laugh if you saw how slow I am at typing, how I shake my temperamental mouse, how impatient I am with this amazing technology that has made our lives so much easier.

One of the little ones jumped on my laptop last week and broke the screen. I didn’t even launch an investigation into finding the identity of the culprit – I just didn’t want to go through the rigmarole of “not me” or “I don’t know” or try and match up the various alibis – I am fairly sure that it was an under five who didn’t even know what they’d done. (Now – the lipstick episode is another matter entirely….)

So I have borrowed another laptop, which doesn’t run all of my programmes, but is a blessing because all of the keys are intact – one trademark of the twins is that they enjoy removing keyboard letters, a legacy they passed onto Danielle when she was old enough.

My babysitter gave me a great inspirational card – it says: “The task ahead of you is never as great as the power within you” and is based on Philippians 4:13 – ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’

This has really kept me going – I keep it on the fridge and refer to it when I pass. Reading these words makes me physically relax, and I feel that I am actually giving my work over to Jesus, Who gets things done so much better than me, anyway.

I am now in the position where I have to support my family. There, I actually mentioned it in my blog.
It’s not something I want. The business was going to be a little hobby, the first thing I had ever done ‘outside the home’, so to speak. (It’s obviously ‘inside the home’, as an online business.)

Now it has come to be so much more. This is going to be a big part of the future for me and my children.

I am going to try to type the next words – I am a single mum with ten children.
Hmmm. I don’t really like the sound of that.
Your will be done, Lord.

Mary didn’t understand everything when she said ‘yes’ to God, and I certainly don’t understand what’s happening now.

There’s a fearful irony at work here – in doing something I never planned to do, in circumstances I didn’t choose, I feel that I may become the person I was always meant to be.

Death Comes Early

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Our local community has been saddened by the death of yet another young person, to drugs. Another grieving family, another empty bedroom, another vacant place at a meal-table. And friends who bear the burden of guilt and regret.

Tragic deaths, like this one, awaken that deep-seated fear that exists in every mother’s heart: will I ever lose a child? Or, worse still, will I lose a child who has rejected the Lord in some great way?

Speaking as someone who abused drugs in my youth, I can admit that consuming illicit drugs always involves some element of self-destruction, some hatred of self, and a great lack of value for human life. This is a terrible rebuff for God. Other sins may involve a rejection of the Church, or of relationships, or of some element of society, but drug-use rejects God’s gift of the world to man in its entirety, because it rejects reality.

It doesn’t seem possible that anyone who has really and deeply experienced the love of God would turn to drugs. It would be very difficult to substitute a true relationship with the Trinity for the dangerous and unstable mirage of a drug-tainted existence. So, could it be argued that a drug-user doesn’t realize the magnitude of his or her ingratitude, and has not full knowledge of the seriousness of his or her actions? Have they tragically sought to fill a spiritual void with a fair-weather friend?

A friend of mine died almost twenty years ago, from a heroin overdose. At his funeral, there was an unmistakable atmosphere of relief. The phenomenon was unexpected, but entirely understandable. His family had endured lies and stealing and broken promises of coming clean, and had probably been expecting a call from the police or hospital for many years. Now that the worst had happened, they could rest more easily. He was hard to be around at times, but had a very sweet nature which shone through, just the same.

2 Maccabees 12:46 tells us that ‘it is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead that they may be loosed from their sins.’ So, surely, those that have no-one to pray for them are the ultimate “poorest of the poor.” If I was a Protestant, who didn’t believe in Purgatory, would I sometimes pray for those who have offended God greatly, but are nonetheless yearning for Him on some level? I wonder. Could the Lord be upset with us for believing that many people may not be sufficiently purified to enter the gates of heaven at their death? That we continue our humble acts of charity to our brothers and sisters long after they have passed from the earth?

To pray for the dead requires great faith – there can be no proof of our prayers being answered. And a Catholic doesn’t believe that the existence of Purgatory diminishes the power of God’s Divine Mercy; rather, it shows the perfection of His Justice.


May the God who has healed us, and continues to heal us, bring peace to another grieving family.

The generic mum dispenses with her title

Dear reader,
Well, it was funny for a while, but I’m over it now. (genericmum, that is…)

* * *

The mothers and babies are doing well. I will post photos of Julia’s baby, once I have permission from her.

* * *

There’s a popular magazine here in Australia, that promotes local craft and crafters, as well as great websites, such as Etsy. I had only read it once, and had decided that although I liked the layout and craft, the articles weren’t quite to my taste. But, I saw it recommended on a blog that I follow, and decided to try it again. Wow, I was so disappointed when I read it today. If I took the contributors and staff to be a typical demographic, then the whole world would be homosexual, or completely in sympathy with gay people.
It would be so great if everyone knew how Christians really feel about gays.
We love them.
It’s as simple as that.
But, we don’t like their lifestyle, because we think that it is bad for them. And for us.
Gay people are gifted, creative, beautiful people, and worthy of our respect, but not because they are gay. It’s because they are human. And the same love of humanity that compels us to fight abortion and euthanasia, also compels us to love those with different sexual orientations from our own.
But when a Christian loves, he loves in truth. So, he can be pretty unpopular.
Back to the magazine.
The contributors joked a lot about getting drunk, about hoping not to accidentally fall pregnant, and swearing was very prevalent in the text. It all looked so lovely and modern, fresh and pretty, but hiding in the pages was an expose of our society and its political correctness.

It’s OK – I don’t expect that the magazine’s readers would visit my blog more than once, if at all. They would shake their heads, and share their disappointment.

The mag’s writers and illustrators have such great talent….I just find myself asking the question ‘do they know where it came from?’