The Evil Generation and Their Sign


Last week, we attended my friend, Fr. G’s ‘Prayer for Mothers and Unborn Children.’
Fr. G began this prayer group 20 years ago.
He maintains that quiet, persevering prayer is the best way to defeat abortion and strengthen families.
In general, there are no protests outside abortion clinics in our state. In fact, most people don’t even know where the abortion clinics are located.
I’ll talk about Fr. G’s group another day, but today I want to write about the Scripture verses that we read last week during the Prayer.

And the multitudes running together, he began to say,
“This generation is a wicked generation;
it asketh a sign and a sign shall not be given it, but the sign of Jonas the prophet.
For as Jonas was a sign to the Ninevites;
so shall the Son of man also be to this generation.
(Luke 11: 29-30 – Douay-Rheims Version)

This passage obviously refers to the Jews’ disbelief that Jesus was God, and to the fact that many would not convert, even after witnessing Jesus’ Resurrection.
But it has an application for the pro-life cause.Because, even in these days of unprecedented access to medical research, 4D ultrasound imaging and excellent post-natal care for babies born prematurely, even those born before 25 weeks, there still exist abortion proponents who claim that the unborn baby is ‘just a blob.’
‘Incapable of feeling pain.’
A ‘parasite.’

The above photo was published in a local newspaper along with their report that the Lower House had approved the ‘Tasmania Reproductive Bill 2013.’
Among other changes, the Bill called for easier access to abortions after 16 weeks.
The journalist obviously couldn’t bear to attach a photograph of a little baby at 16 weeks’ gestation.
It would simply look too human.


The above photos show an unborn baby at 16 weeks.
No one in their right mind could deny that this was a human baby.
But, the ‘evil generation still asks for a sign’ that there is something wrong with ending its life.

Post-Abortion Syndrome – the ultimate empty nest phenomenon…


There is always an air of urgency surrounding the entire abortion issue – because it is literally a matter of life and death. Legal access to abortion ensures the continuing destruction of unborn children – no one in their right mind can deny this. Less well understood is the impact that abortion has on the post-abortive mother and father, living siblings, grandparents, and society as a whole, which witnesses a callous disregard for human rights and enshrines it in law.

Post-abortion syndrome covers a range of mental-health issues, from addictions and depression, increased likelihood of subsequent abortions, inability to sustain meaningful, intimate relationships, through to suicidal tendencies. Relationships with living biological children of the post-abortive woman may be affected, and the syndrome could possibly be extended to cover those living siblings who suffer from a type of “survivor-guilt.” Maternal death rates increase for the post-abortive woman. Panic attacks and anxiety are common.Many post-abortive women claim to experience feelings of being “forced” or “coerced” into having their abortion – surely this is the polar opposite of the “empowerment” promised by the pro-choice movement.

The results from one study, conducted in New Zealand in 2005, were startling enough to convince the researchers to suggest that medical doctors should aim to reduce the number of referrals for abortions in that country, simply on the grounds that the emotional trauma sustained by a woman undergoing an abortion was greater than any risk presented by carrying her baby to term and delivering the child. This study is notable because the lead researcher had no religious affiliation, was in fact an atheist, and remained pro-choice after the studies were concluded. Another study, conducted in 2003, showed that post-abortive woman were 63% more likely to undergo mental health treatment in the 90 days following an abortion, compared to following a delivery.

The proliferation of support groups for post-abortive mothers in recent years gives an indication of both the undeniable existence of and  the need for education about post-abortion syndrome. Many of these groups have been begun by women who felt traumatized by the experience of an abortion; an experience which was compounded by a lack of disclosure by medical authorities of the exact nature of abortion and its aftermath.

We live in times of great uncertainty and moral upheaval. A cult of selfishness has evolved throughout the Western world, and the utmost importance is placed on the notion of ‘convenience.’ Our society appears to have suspended its train of logic and waits with collective bated breath to be told by the media how to live and what to believe in next. Many lies are being perpetrated and one of the most damaging lies of our age is that there are no consequences to the intentional termination of an unborn baby’s life. But, in fact, there is much evidence to suggest that post-abortion syndrome is a common, if not inevitable experience for a woman who has chosen to abort her baby; we all have a right to hear more about it.


Defending Our Freedoms

“Once, at the beginning of his story, man, male and female, heard the voice of temptation: “You will be like gods who know what is good and what is bad” (Gen 3:5). Man yielded to that temptation. He continues to follow it constantly.”

Advent meditation by JPII in “Prayers in Devotions.”


The Federal government in Australia is considering a new legislation that has the potential to severely limit the rights of its citizens to freedom of speech and religion.

The proposed ‘Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Act 2012’ states that criticism of the government voiced in the workplace could lead to a lawsuit, if that criticism offends a listener. We are well on the way to being persecuted for speaking only the truth, perhaps even for merely questioning or speculating about some motive or action of our leaders.

An even more worrying aspect of the proposal is that the burden of proof will lie with the accused i.e.we will be guilty until proven innocent – which is the polar opposite of the principal which has underpinned our justice system for over two hundred years – that we are innocent until proven guilty.

A very expensive detention centre was recently built in Tasmania. It was intended to house some of the hundreds of refugee ‘boat people’ who arrive in Australia every year, fleeing from unimaginable suffering in their native countries. Since the Australian government has arranged to send most of these poor people to detention in Malaysia, one wonders if those unused Australian centres will one day house our own citizens, if the jails begin to overflow with people whose only crime has been to speak the truth according to their conscience.

At least no-one can ever take away our freedom to pray against injustice.


“Against man’s perennial temptation, we must set the Advent of Christ; we must be born of God and incessantly reborn of Him”


Life to the Full

Last night, I was fortunate to be able to attend a Pro-life presentation by a former Tasmanian. The speaker showed us a DVD which was produced in Scotland, to be shown in the high schools there.

The technology that allows us a glimpse into the world of the unborn child has advanced so far, that we were able to see footage of each of the many stages that a baby goes through, from egg to embryo to foetus, then to new born baby. The DVD showed a fertilised egg travelling through the fallopian tube, then the rapidly-dividing cells of that amazing human life, then a tiny, newly-formed spinal cord and fledgling limbs, then finally, a little infant pushing off the uterus wall in order to place itself head-down, ready for its journey into its mother’s arms.

Some of the presenter’s remarks were startling – for instance, he told us that the DVD was almost unanimously well-received by students aged about 12-13 – because they were not yet sexually active. But, when shown to older, sexually active students, those around age eighteen, there was a lot of resistance to the pro-life message.

One of the night’s organizers then told us of a conversation she previously had, when promoting the talk, with a woman who claimed to be pro-choice. The pro-choice lady had admitted that her own mother had given birth to her at the age of sixteen. But, the poor woman could see no anomaly here. She didn’t seem to appreciate that her mother had been in one of the groups at the highest risk of terminating their unplanned pregnancies, but had instead chosen to give birth to, and care for her baby.

One of the most consoling features of any pro-life or pro-family event, for me, is the overwhelming atmosphere of brotherhood that exists between Catholics and our Protestant friends. We are all struggling to comprehend the attacks on life, or at the very least, the indifference that confronts us in our own churches, and we seem to cling together, almost huddled around Jesus in that aspect of Him that we all have in common; the Jesus Who loves and protects Life, the Jesus Who blesses and loves marriage, and our Jesus Who listens to those feeble voices who ‘cry out in the wilderness.’

There are two things that give me hope that we are, indeed, experiencing a springtime in the Church, that New Evangelization spoken of by our beloved John Paul II.

One is when I see the world, in its labour pains, crying out through technology to know its God, crying out in its alienation, its loneliness, its emptiness, asking God, “Do you really love me?” Can’t you see it, through all those blogs and tweets and updates, and through that often-repeated theme of internet life – our incessant search for beauty?

The other is when I join with my Protestant brothers and sisters and we try so hard to break down five hundred years of misunderstanding in those five minutes that are given to us. When we hear a speaker with whom we wholeheartedly agree, and only at the end of their presentation discover that they aren’t Catholic.