The generic mum dispenses with her title

Dear reader,
Well, it was funny for a while, but I’m over it now. (genericmum, that is…)

* * *

The mothers and babies are doing well. I will post photos of Julia’s baby, once I have permission from her.

* * *

There’s a popular magazine here in Australia, that promotes local craft and crafters, as well as great websites, such as Etsy. I had only read it once, and had decided that although I liked the layout and craft, the articles weren’t quite to my taste. But, I saw it recommended on a blog that I follow, and decided to try it again. Wow, I was so disappointed when I read it today. If I took the contributors and staff to be a typical demographic, then the whole world would be homosexual, or completely in sympathy with gay people.
It would be so great if everyone knew how Christians really feel about gays.
We love them.
It’s as simple as that.
But, we don’t like their lifestyle, because we think that it is bad for them. And for us.
Gay people are gifted, creative, beautiful people, and worthy of our respect, but not because they are gay. It’s because they are human. And the same love of humanity that compels us to fight abortion and euthanasia, also compels us to love those with different sexual orientations from our own.
But when a Christian loves, he loves in truth. So, he can be pretty unpopular.
Back to the magazine.
The contributors joked a lot about getting drunk, about hoping not to accidentally fall pregnant, and swearing was very prevalent in the text. It all looked so lovely and modern, fresh and pretty, but hiding in the pages was an expose of our society and its political correctness.

It’s OK – I don’t expect that the magazine’s readers would visit my blog more than once, if at all. They would shake their heads, and share their disappointment.

The mag’s writers and illustrators have such great talent….I just find myself asking the question ‘do they know where it came from?’