Please accept my apologies for the layout of this post – I haven’t mastered the art of matching text and photo…

Dear reader,
It has been only a matter of weeks since I finally acknowledged that my liver really needs a break, and I decided to give up coffee (once and for all, of course, AGAIN!) But, you know that I have that cute coffee machine, and, well, it did take me a few months to find some coffee that was actually drinkable from a domestic machine, and you know that coffee does help my low blood pressure, and, well, the occasional one can’t hurt, can it? And so on, – you guessed it, that black drink has beaten me again.
I really did try hard to like tea, but it does take so many cups to make up my required caffeine quota. Sigh!. I will keep on trying, though, because I want my liver to last at least as long as I do – another 40 years or so, perhaps? I had a revelation a couple of days ago, that what I really needed was some tea that tasted just like coffee – I do recall that dandelion tea has that effect, when one has been deprived of real coffee for some time. Well, even carob tastes like chocolate, when you’ve been so long without chocolate that you can’t remember what it was really like… And I don’t mean just for the forty days of Lent, or something similar – I’m talking about a real deprivation – like the nine months of pregnancy, for example. Even decaf made my heart race a little then…

* * *

Well, it’s Sunday and time to review last week’s beautiful home goals, and set some more for this week.
I still feel bad about the yesterday’s dress episode. Maddy and I came to the conclusion that there is no simple way to line it, so I might re-design the back. I’ll have to accept defeat – no new hand-made clothes to add to the household this week. At least I finished the quilt for Madeleine’s baby….

A quilt for Madeleine’s new baby, due any day now.

This was my home-ware project for the week – 100% wool felt background and die-cut flowers, some perle embroidery and a motif from Mandy Shaw’s book, “Stitch with Love.” I borrowed this book from the library (it is probably overdue, like my daughters). I just love it, and have found it very inspiring. Mandy has a nice online shop called Dandelion Designs”, that you might like to visit.

Felt runner for my dressing-table

My charity donation for this week is to give away the stitchery that previously inhabited my dressing-table. I made several of these when I had a very colicky baby, and just needed to feel a bit useful. I used to rock the pram with my foot and (jerkily) stitch what ever I could find. This one includes some of William’s samples from a fabric club, to which I used to subscribe.

A pre-loved stitchery for my friend – I made this about 8 years ago, when Eva was a colicky baby. Can you see the tiny samples of William Morris fabric?

That reminds me of a little gift that I made for Gabrielle recently – I call it a “Miscellania”, and it uses some of the William Morris samples fused to wool felt. I really must make one for myself soon; it is the perfect size for my small collection of earrings. Since my die-cutter makes 3 sizes of hexagons, I also tried out a Miscellania from the largest size, but it didn’t work too well. The hexagons just couldn’t support themselves, even when fused to the fabric. These may soon become coasters, though. (Seven coasters? Why do we always make 4 or 6 of such things? That is numerical discrimination.)

Small “miscellania”

Miscellania seen from above.

Oh, and the blessing for our home last week was two-fold – First Friday Mass and a special Rosary with a new friend.

I’ll leave you with a shot of the runner in situ.

A More Beautiful Home

Does any one have a problem with icons? Catholics don’t – we consider them to be like photos of our loved ones; small reminders that continually greet us, and remind us that we are not alone on our journey. God the Father prohibits us from worshipping a graven image, but allowed the Israelites to create angels for the Ark of the Covenant, and a snake on a cross which was used as a sign of faith and healing. So, holy images can be a gift from God to increase our faith.