Hi there.Thanks for visiting.

I’m a Catholic and I’m a mother.The traditional family unit, pro-life causes and Christian unity are all very important to me.

I have fourteen children; my step-daughter, my ‘single-mum’ daughter and twelve children courtesy of my husband.
All of my biological children have been home-schooled for most of their lives; my step-daughter was home-schooled by her mum for a time, as well. Ten of our children are still at home, so I have toddlers, teenagers and everything in between.

A woodcut from the “Kelmscott Chaucer”

There was a time when I couldn’t understand the concept of blogging. I thought the internet was a jumble of voices clamouring to be heard and a marketplace of hawkers selling their wares.

Things changed when I began to consider starting an online business, and I realized that a blog could be simply a way of interacting with my customers, just as I would do in a bricks and mortar situation.

Things changed again, once I actually began to write. There was something more important inside me than comments about beauty, craft, design and sewing, which were the topics about which I had originally envisaged blogging.

I have finally realize that I have been called to evangelize, by virtue of my Baptism, as we have all been called to do.

I would love to hear from you, so don’t be afraid to leave a comment. Even if you don’t agree with my views, I promise that you will always be treated with respect.


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