“A Beautiful Home” store lives again…

This will be a quick post, because it is RATHER late, here in Tasmania…but I have some good news; I will be opening an online store on January 1st, after all. Pray for me that all my dreams, and yours, will come to pass. My goals will have to be re-re=evaluated. At least I can start out small on an Etsy store.

Some of the children were sick today with a fluey/cold, so we had a quiet day, but those who were well made some simple rolled candles from beeswax sheets. This was fun, and even one of the teenagers joined in. I tried to be efficient and take photos of our little workshop, but the camera was out of juice. (I will definitely post photos tomorrow, I promise.) We made a few different styles and burned four of them during our Rosary tonight. The candles are 100% beeswax, and have a faint scent of honey. I think that these home-made candles will make nice gifts for Christmas.

You have already seen photos of my baby grand-son; here is one of my grand-daughter, taken on the day she was born. She seems to have a different temperament from our little boy – my twins also showed different personalities from birth…

My other grand-child, Alice

I have struggled a bit with the concept of posting details of my family, such as names and photos of the children, because of the problems that we all know exist in cyber-world, as well as the real world. But, I thought about where we live and the amount of crime that abounds in our neighborhood; in three years we have had five break-ins and thefts from the garage, one entry and theft from our home, a car stolen (and returned), a home invasion by a paranoid-schizophrenic, as well as sundry visits from mentally disabled people. You see, we live in a kind of medical precinct, close to clinics for alzheimer’s patients, drug and alcohol rehab, a methadone clinic, autism assessment and a children’s services department, as well as a sports ground and a school. Our home was once an Anglican rectory, so quite a few mentally-impaired people have come to call, hoping to find a friendly pastor to help them. But, we have never been harmed, or felt unsafe, despite these events – and you could say that we are ‘known to the police!’
So, I decided to run my blog as naturally as possible, mentioning my children’s names and posting their photographs from time to time. It’s because we always have some thing to be grateful for, and we always feel taken care of. That’s terrible grammar, but it’s true.

Lastly, one of my daughters told me today that she thinks my blog is really “me.” That’s what I needed to hear.


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