The generic grandmother

Generic grandparents with the new addition

Dear reader,
Joy of joys! Today, both of my daughters produced the most perfect, most wonderful, most beautiful and unique additions for their beautiful homes – a new baby each….Sigh…I do love babies. Is there anything more soft, more sweet, more lovable, than a baby? And, the words of Ecclesiastes really hit me – “Vanity, vanity, all is vanity” All material desires and possessions and cares melt away in the presence of a new baby. For a brief time, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world – a hospital, your home, a detention centre, a refugee camp, or a stable. Because nine months ago, God visited your home and gave you a baby, and today is the day that he brings that child into the world. Of all the advances in science and technology, of all the predictions and calculations that doctors can make, there are two that always elude their accuracy; birth and death. (But, thank God for C-sections, when we need them.)
I always thank God for technology, when I have given birth. Without technology, I would have been a statistic ( a sad one), many times. But, I have tasted the many and various forms of birthing helps and appreciate them all. And, thank the Lord for our birthing attendants. What a beautiful vocation they have been given. I know that I don’t have the skill or gift to attend a labouring woman, but, at least I can pray.
I remember when Julia was having her first baby – I was bed-ridden with a serious illness at the time, but I could do something for her; I said 5 Rosaries that day. What more could I do? That was the only thing that gave me hope and comfort. Today, it was my day for my Holy Hour, at our beautiful St. Joseph’s church, so I had the good fortune to be able to pray for them both, as well as for all the many intentions required in this Valley of Tears.
I must tell you about the newly-established prayers at St. Joseph’s. Since our government became a Labor-Greens coalition, there has been a continued attack on the Culture of Life, and the dignity of the person. We recently had surrogacy laws and same-sex marriage laws debated; still to come are: legalised brothels, euthanasia and late-term abortion. The prayers for the protection of the family and the Culture of Life in general, were begun as a response to these proposed bills. If only everyone knew the truth about these innovations, which pose as ‘tolerance’. Please leave a comment of you don’t understand why these moral issues are not to the benefit of our society. It’s OK if you don’t agree with me. I won’t be upset (well, I’ll get over it!)
That’s enough for now – I’m the most happy woman in the world tonight…


2 thoughts on “The generic grandmother

  1. “Because nine months ago, God visited your home and gave you a baby, and today is the day that he brings that child into the world. ” Beautiful! Congratulations and welcome to the newest members of your family.

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