The generic mum gets her act together.

Dear reader,
I have come to realise that if I’m going to blog, then I had better do it regularly, ie every day. Even family crises must be kept in perspective – problems often seem insurmountable, don’t they? But, they are often quickly resolved and overtaken by new concerns, or even by nice surprises.
We are all very excited at the Clubbhouse this week. Two new grandchildren are due right now; a first child for Madeleine, and a third child for Julia. I hope that I can travel to Victoria to visit Julia; I can see Madeleine’s baby straight away, of course. How exciting!
Well, I managed to grab a teenager who helped me to upload the photos, as promised. (Thanks, Gabrielle.)
What do you think? The bonus project was a tin that I covered with adhesive felt (synthetic, unfortunately.) The end result wasn’t exactly beautiful, but is certainly useful. I found some adhesive metal label-holders from Martha Stewart, at Officeworks.
The journal cover was inspired by one of William Morris’ early embroideries; the “Daisy” pattern that became tiles, wallpaper and fabric, and adorned some blue wool hangings at his Red House. I used my die-cutter for the flowers and leaves. It is all 100% wool felt.

This was a bonus project that I managed to do last week.

This was my scheduled project for the home for last week.

Some little Christmas decorations for my friend’s fundraiser.

These are the felt pincushions that I made the week before for the fundraiser.

An easy skirt for Miriam.


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