The generic mum sets her goals

Dear readers,
I’ve decided that the best way for me to make sure that I am continuing to build a beautiful home for my family is to set some goals.This is what I have come up with so far: Saturdays – sew one item of clothing; Sundays – sew something for my friend’s charity; Monday to Thursday – one crafty project for the home; Fridays – one less enjoyable, but very important chore, a blessing for my family. (This week it was the folding – imagine 2 loads per day lapsed for a few days; that equals a lot of neat little piles of clean clothes.I intend to delegate the socks, though.)
Now, can I sew 52 items of clothing, 52 craft projects, and 52 little bundles to give away, in the next year? Time will tell.
It is Miriam’s turn for a new skirt today, being Saturday. That won’t take too long, because I have some offcuts from Eva’s skirt that I made last Saturday. The fabric was $3.00/metre.
I will find a teenager to help me to upload some photos of what I accomplished this week, and post them tomorrow.

* * *
I’ll just have to keep writing, since Dave has taken all the little ones, and I’m left in peace, which doesn’t happen very often. I feel so fortunate, because birds are chirping outside and there is no traffic at the moment. Of course, if you live in the country, then you can experience that kind of serenity quite often, but, as you know, I live in the city, in a very special place that God chose for my family. If ever I feel that I’m not being taken care of, I just look around me at this beautiful home and garden, and remember how few houses were available when we were looking for a place to rent. We had decided to sell the house that we had been building – it sold in 24 hours, then we found this one, big enough for all of us.
How has the Lord taken care of you recently? Tell me about a little miracle that He made happen just for you.
* * *


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