The generic mum’s hopes are dashed

Hi there, dear readers, I had planned to write my first blog, and, indeed, most of my blogs about my new business, and the process of setting that up. But it now appears that there will not be a business, at least for now. David, whom e-etiquette demands that I refer to as DH, thinks that running two businesses will be too complicated for us to manage. Sigh! All is not lost. Because the core philosophy of both my blog and my business is the same – I want every person to be able to have a beautiful home. Not a McMansion or something a designer created in an instant, like a reno show makeover, but I a home that contains beauty and the integrity of hand-made goods.
William Morris has been a great inspiration to me; my family would say an obsession, lately! I often ask myself how I can translate the philosophy of the Arts and Crafts Movement to the 21st century and to my personal circumstances, so that I can then re-interpret that for other people. William didn’t have the severe financial restraints that many of us do; he didn’t have a large family to care for, and he had access to amazing materials, resources, and a melting pot of the ideas of his very talented friends.
Well, over the years, I have found that a limited budget can reap a great harvest – for one thing, you simply don’t become so attached to material possessions when they don’t cost much. There can be a great sentimental value attached to an item, but when it wears out/gets lost/the kids write on it/break it/leave it outside under the swing, you are still left with the memory, which is the nicest part, and with no great financial loss. And, of course, as we all know, when we don’t use our money for extravagances, then there will usually be enough for those trifles such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the electricity bill. (I received one of these last week – it was our all-time high, and came with all the trimmings – carbon-tax, clean energy tariff and the increase that the government promised would never happen.)
But, enough of all that. Thanks to Madeleine, who helped me set up this blog, and to WordPress, because I really like the format. It’s breakfast time at the Clubb’s, so I must make an appearance in the kitchen.
I hope that this will be the beginning of a long relationship for all of us, readers and writer.
Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions and do all of those techy things that ageing people like me need tutorials for.
Love Kathy.


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